Monday, 1 August 2011

Marlborough College Summer School felt making course 2011

What a wonderful week I have just spent at Marlborough College Summer School teaching felt making from scratch. Here are some of the pieces that my students made. They were all beginners. The felt beads were dyed with tea and coffee then embellished with glass beads. The lower two photos show our display on the last day. I had four students this year but we got through a lot of techniques and they were able to make a lot of pieces. When I wasn't teaching I was singing in the singing for Pleasure group in the morning. This year we sang an Andrew Lloyd Webber selection as well as some Sinatra and a piece from Sweeny Todd which none of us had heard before. The Lloyd Webber was a challenge but we pulled it off. There were 97 singers this year and  for once a good lot of men.

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