Friday, 11 November 2011

steam trains,workshops and talks

 September 25th we all went to the East Somerset railway for Geoffs train driving day that the family  had bought him for his 65th Birthday. Those overalls took 10 washings before they were clean enough to go in my washing machine.
 october 20th saw me teaching the South Cheshire Branch of the Embroiderers Guild to make silk bowls. They all did really well and the bowls were well on the way to be finished. 
 This set of bowls were made by the East Surrey Branch of the Embroiderers Guild. Another lovely set well on the way to completion. It is a shame that I seldom see the finished pieces. Please send me your photos so I can publish them.
I made this necklace using pieces of goldstone that I bought the last time we went to Arizona. Having mastered Pyote stitch I gave it a go round the stones and am really pleased with the result. The month ended with me performing with Cirencester Operatic Society in their production of the Sorcerer. It was a great show and I had a brilliant time with some lovely people.