Monday, 28 December 2009


They say the best laid plans never go right. well ours certainly didn't. Starting with Fraser our grandson who was ill for well over a week before Christmas. Three different Doctors saw him and said he just had a virus. Finally it took a nurse on the end of a phone line, hearing him moaning, to tell our daughter to take him to hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Fortunitly the anti biotics kicked in and he was well enough to enjoy his presents on Christmas morning.
We had gone to Essex to pick my mum up at the weekend. We started back for Swindon on the Monday but an hour into the journey on the M 25 we were in a blizzard and decided to turn back. Good job we did. We made it back to Swindon on the Tuesday morning.
After having made plans to have all the family together on Boxing Day we had to cancel as 7pm Christmas Day I was hit by a violent sickness bug. Poor Geoff was up with me until 2am. I thought that I had given everyone food poisoning but no one else got it so it must have been the winter tummy bug! Looking forward to our holiday in the new year. i think that we need it!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

GWE Collect on beetles

This is the collection of Beetles made by the Great Western Embroiderers at the workshop we did on Tuesday. I think that they are great and should make a good display in our Lydiard House Exhibition. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the Beetles have taken on thier own little personalities each one being slightly different. Everyone loved the fantasy film. I had great fun teaching the ladies to make them. We even had a new member join for the first time.