Thursday, 31 March 2011

Tree dweller

This is a piece of work that I am taking to Quilts and Embroidery 2011 at Uttoxeter. It was inspired by a recent visit to a Reptile shop. I spotted this little lizard poking out of the hollow tree and decided to attempt to make him.I was lucky enough to be allowed to photograph him as the owners got him out of his tank. He was really timid and kept trying to hide but I got some good shots. Once I had made the piece of fabric by machine stitching scrim onto felt I cut him out and constructed him over a wire base. The tree trunk was made from silk cap by my bowls method then shaped over a Pringle box. I am now gong to make another one for a chameleon which I have just finished.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Some of the photos of the guests who attended the surprise 65th birthday/retirement party we arranged for my husband Geoff. How he didn't guess what was going on I shall never know but he had no idea. I had to tell loads of white lies its. a wonder my nose didn't grow to three times its usual length. He thought that we were going to a Gilbert and Sullivan party. I had arranged for friends and my daughter Sarah to prepare the food and the rest of the kids to go and decorate the room.
He is now looking forward to present which is to drive a steam train!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Here is my second doll and hollow tree trunk inspired by the Monarch Butterfly.
I used my bowls technique for her skirt. The wings are made of organza which was stitched using the new stickybacked washaway fabric. The monarch Butterflys were made the same way but using cotton.

Just a few photos taken between performances of Patience at Steam Museum last week. We had a fantastic week with four great performances. I made my costume by utilising a dress of my daughters (size 10). I cut it straight up the middle of the front, put a panel in and added sleeves. It was then trimmed with a beautiful braid that a friend of mine had brought me back from Oman. The whole outfit went together really well. I had the photo of me on Thomas taken for my grandson. Someone who knows me well and went to see the show said that it had taken her a while to recognise me in the wig. At least it kept me warm.