Sunday, 13 June 2010

Clare and bike! CD and holiday

I can not believe that it is nearly a month since I last blogged so thought I had better write something before I go on holiday. Where does the time go? This is a photo of our daughter Clare with her new bike. She will be 25 this month. We finished recording our Choral Society CD this month and had our summer concert last night. Brilliant! The CD should be really good and it has some lovely pieces on it.
Fraser spent four days with us last week. we took him to Bristol Zoo on the Friday. Having walked right round it and had a picnic we decided to go back to some of the animals again. He was having none of it and insisted on going 'back' which meant back to the car and home. he didn't seem a bit bothered not to see mum and dad for four days. They were in france taking part in a band competition. Anyway I shall spend some time on holiday putting together my next book proposal.