Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Flying time!!!!

Don't know where the time goes. Off to Cheshire this afternoon to give a bowls talk then staying with Brian until Saturday.Then it's a Bowls workshop on Saturday at Sutton Coldfield. Sarah, Fraser and I all have really nasty colds at the minute. Just seem to be going around in circles with them. Anyway I have nearly finished the two costumes I am making for hot Mikado. Only another four weeks to go. Help!!!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I gave a talk yesterday to a lovely group of Ladies at Highworth WI and shall be giving the same talk at Swindon evening branch of the GWE on Monday. It is on my venetian inspired work and this photo is one of the Gauntlets which was part of a set of pieces.
Really exciting news is that Fraser started to walk by himself last Thursday so friday it was along to the shoe shop so 'nanny' could buy him his first proper pair of shoes. He was not impressed at having his feet squashed into the machine to be measure and yelled throughout the whole process.
My lovely new book that I ordered off Amazon came this morning and I can not wait to sit and browes through it. It is photos of bugs and beetles. I will write a proper review once I have studied it. Off now for a day with Sarah and Fraser.