Saturday, 23 October 2010

Houston Quilt festival

I shall be demonstrating on the Quilting Arts Open Studios stand at the Houston Quilt Festival on Thursday 4th NOvember from 12.40-2.40pm and friday 5th from 3-5pm.
The rest of the time I shall be shopping!!!!
I seem to have been to a lot of theatre shows lately, Joe Brown, Wicked, Salade Days and last night, Beauty and the Beast. One more to go to before our holiday and that is Princess Ida at Cirencester.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Here are some of the beautiful Venetian purses made by my students at the EG workshop at Leamington Spa on Saturday. They are layered organza fabrics over a glitzy layer which have been machine embroidered then some of the layers cut back. Having given three talks and two workshops int the last couple of weeks I have found it exhausting especially as the talks were all different. I think that I shlall have to space them out a bit better in future.