Thursday, 6 June 2013

Atlantic Odyssey Project

Here are the first of the wall hangings that I am working on to go with a Choral Work entitled Atlantic Odyssey, a journey through music which Swindon Choral Society will be performing on 20th October at St Peters Church , West Swindon. The music is composed by our musical director Robin Nelson with words by Michael Polack and is inspired by the migration of the Arctic terns who do the longest migration  of any bird. They fly round the Atlantic Ocean from pole to pole, a truely epic journey.
The sunset hanging has a background of hand dyed silk which I have quilted. The birds are cut from pelmet vylene and I hope that they will be suspended in front as a mobile with a filmy piece of fabric over the top, the idea being that their shadow will fall on the background and they move in a slight breeze.
The same goes for the attacking terns.
to find out more about the project go to the Choral Society website at