Thursday, 22 March 2012

Iolanthes veil

At last Iolanthes' veil is ready for the exhibition at Lydiard House. After the show I just wanted to add a few more details to it like more weeds and the dragon flies.
The opera Iolanthe was written by Gilbert and Sullivan. It tells the story of a Fairy, Iolanthe who has been banished by the Fairy Queen for marrying a mortal. She has gone to live at the bottom of a stream to be near her son Strephon (half mortal half fairy!). The fairies ask the Queen to pardon her and she comes out of the water covered in a veil of weeds. I designed this veil for the swindon Gilbert and Sullivans production. I used scrim which I dyed then embellished fleece and silk onto it using my embellishing machine. I then machine embroidered it  adding the weeds as I went. I used fantasy film for the dragon fly wings.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Dainty little Fairies.

Well it doesn't seem like just over  a week ago that we were performing Iolanthe. The show was brilliant and we all had a great time especially the 'dainty little fairies'. I was over the moon to get my first proper solo role as Celia. As a friend said, 'not bad for someone who is aged 6****' Cheeky of her but true. What next? well Swindon Choral Society will be singing Elijah in Marlborough College Chapel on Saturday and I am really looking forward to it as it has to be an all time favourite of mine. Just hope we get a good audience.
Still waiting for Daughter Sarah to produce  our second grandchild, Due any day now.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Can not believe that it is show week already. Seems to have come round awefully quickly. At least I have remembered my lines. Always a worry at my age!!! Of course things could all kick off this week if our second grandchild decides to put in a early appearance. we are on red allert ready to go at any time night or day to look after Fraser.
I have been making a veil for Iolanthe when she comes up from the pond. It had to look like weeds and I think that I have succeeded. I will post a picture once the show is over. It will be going into the GWE exhibition at Lydiard House Swindon at the end of the month.
Once the show is over also we will get on with planning our Australian holiday for August.