Tuesday, 15 February 2011

my first doll!

This is the first doll I have made following the instructions in Patti Culeas book on Doll making. Her body is made from silk then painted and her dress is silk cap pieces machine embroidered between two layers of water soluble fabric. Can you spot the beetle?

A4 size pieces for Cricklade exhibition in April

These are all A4 size pieces. The fritilleries were manipulated on the computer them printed onto fabric. the techniques used include trapunto Quilting, hand quilting and the butterflies are made from silk.
The landscape felt piece was done using the embellishing machine then hand and machine embroidered.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Isle of Wight and beetles!

Having taught my beetles in California I am now off to the Isle of Wight in July to teach the embroiderers there how to make them. All because one of their members came to see the GWE show last year at Lydiard and liked the beetles. They are springing up all over the place. I have just made my first Fabric doll and even she is holding one. I aim to make a doll now and cover her with beetles. Why this facination I have for them ? I think that it is the beautiful colours and irridescence.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ruby Wedding anniversary.

Here Geoff and I are cutting our 'cake' at our surprise Ruby wedding anniversary party aranged by daughter Sarah. We thought that she was cooking us a meal but when we arrived she had got our friends waiting for us. It was a lovely surprise, really unexpected. Fraser greated us in the hall way clutching two balloons. It was a wonder that he gave them up to us. Nanny had to have the heart shaped one. Geoff bought me a gorgeous Ruby and Diamond eternity ring.
Since then I have been on a roll with embroidery. I have really got into quilting printed pictures which I have been doing on the computer. I have also had a piece printed by Spoonflower.com which I can not wait to get started on but have one or two other pieces to finish first.