Friday, 22 February 2013

latest news!

I Just can not believe that it has been four months since I have blogged. That's facebook for you. So much has happened. Mum is nicely settled into her new home and we are now thinking about clearing her old home and getting it on the market. The photo is of a piece of felt I have just made and turned into a book wrap. I am giving up felt making as it is getting to hurtful on my neck. My most exciting piece of news is that I shall be teaching again in Australia next year and am busy working out a schedual and workshops. I shall be starting off in the Blue Mountains teaching for TAFTA the travelling round.
  This year I have plenty of talks and workshops booked starting off in Cambridge in March and also have to look forward to our son's wedding in August. After years of performing with the Gilbert and Sullivan Society I have dropped out this year.