Thursday, 8 July 2010

Had a wonderful day on Saturday teaching at Basildon Branch of the EG. Here is a photo of their bowls, some of which are almost ready for washing off. I am always amazed at the results and how every one is different. The bowl with the leaves on was made by a lady who had never done free maching embroidery before. She was incredable.
I treated myself to a Fay Maxwell workshop on Tuesday. Bliss! someone else had to think for me and tell me what to do for a change. She is a great teacher. I am now looking forward to Sit 'n' stitch tomorrow, Singing at the weekend,GWE next Tuesday then teaching at the weekend in the north of England at the Summer School of the NW region EG. have just dyed some more silk caps ready for it. Now off into town to meet Sarah and Fraser for shopping and lunch.

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